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Store Front/Building Structure Wash—Commercial buildings are clad in various materials. Whether your business is a steel building, a stucco storefront, a brick exterior, or something else, we can apply the newest technology in cleaning surfactants and help you attract customers.
As part of Xen Gen Pressure Washing’s commercial services, we can bring your storefront or commercial building back to the professional and clean appearance you need to attract customers and improve your business. There is no substitution for a clean and safe environment for your customers to conduct business. This increases your business and can remove liability due to slippery and contaminated surfaces. Xen Gen Pressure Washing has solutions that allow you more time to run your business.
For all commercial pressure washing services, Xen Gen gives individual attention throughout the entire process of meeting your exterior cleaning needs. We can even arrange to avoid heavy customer traffic by conducting your exterior cleaning services after hours. To ensure the best experience, please call (813) 336-1837 to schedule your services.

Tampa, Florida Store Front Washing Services

stucco siding

Many businesses here in Tampa, Florida, have stucco siding. Mold and algae love all the little nooks and crannies stucco provides for organic growth. At Xen Gen Pressure Washing, we apply the right cleaning solution of sufficient strength to kill all the organic growth on your business, leaving you with a restored finish you may not have seen in years. We will softwash your business, which is a technique of avoiding high pressure, thus avoiding forcing water into areas of your business that may cause damage. Our goal is to improve your business, so we leverage the latest technology in cleaning solutions to provide superior results and avoid damage.

steel siding

Steel siding here in Tampa, Florida, also harbors mold and algae, especially on the north side of most buildings where sunlight is scarce. We can restore the beauty of your business and return your vinyl siding’s appearance to new condition.


Brick harbors every kind of organic growth possible. Mold, algae, lichen, moss, and other organic growth can create significant build-up on the exterior of your business. Brick exteriors are notorious for showing rust stains and efflorescence caused by hard water. Xen Gen Pressure Washing will kill and remove the organic growth. Then, using the latest in surfactant technology, treat your brick exterior to safely remove rust and hard water stains, leaving it as you remember it from years before.


Metal, Hardie board, and stone are other sidings and trim material options that Xen Gen Pressure Washing has the experience to treat, clean, and restore for you. Metal can be painted and, over the years, develop oxidation. Hardie board’s fibrous finish can harbor organic growths, and because of the masonry content, it can also develop efflorescence. Stone naturally harbors organic growth. Regardless of the specific problem, Xen Gen Pressure Washing has the solution. Using the right application of the newest surfactant technology, we will remove the oxidation and efflorescence, kill the organic growth, and return your siding to its former glory.

what our clients say

Shane did such an amazing job pressure washing my fence, driveway and sidewalk. He was on time and stayed until the job was complete. He finished quickly and was extremely thorough! Shane was very kind and professional! We will definitely be recommending him to our friends and family. Five stars simply is not enough for the outstanding service we received!! Thank you!!

Gary Theone

Xen Gen pressure cleaned my home, and I am extremely impressed with their level of service and labor quality. They were professional, punctual, kind, and truthful with me. They went above and beyond, cleaning my roof, gutters, garage and sidewalks. Xen Gen will be my go-to business for maintaining the beauty of my home.

Teia Gonzalez

What started off with a driveway and sidewalk cleaning turned into a conversation with the owner about the discoloration from our well water. Xen Gen was on it and said they had a solution for that too. We have used Xen Gen for multiple projects now and they have exceeded our expectations every time. They are always prompt, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. The fact that the company is veteran-owned is an awesome bonus. Highly recommend Xen Gen!

Tiffany McSorley

Our drive way, roof, and sides of the building were covered in grime. Shane made it all look like brand new. Very professional and great quality!

Philipp Etter

Very professional and attentive to detail. Highly recommend

Raven Perez

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