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What should I do to prepare my home for Xen Gen’s arrival?

Please remove items outdoors that are close to the home or in the area that needs cleaning.  This is often outdoor furniture, children’s toys, vehicles in the driveway, and pets that may be in an area that Xen Gen needs to be clear to ensure the best quality job.  Any items you don’t want to come in contact with cleaning solutions or high-pressure water should be removed from the area. 

Do you accept payment over the phone?

Yes. Xen Gen can accept a payment over the phone using a major credit card.

Can Xen Gen remove rust?

Yes.  Xen Gen utilizes the newest technologies in surfactants that can remove rust from many different surfaces.

Do you pressure wash the side of my home?

No.  Xen Gen will employ the latest technologies in cleaning solutions to remove organic growth and other build-up from your home while utilizing the water pressure most often found in the common garden hose.  Pressure washing a home could cause damage, and our goal is to improve your home. 

What is a roof wash?

A roof wash is the process of applying the correct cleaning solution to a roof to prolong the life of your roof and restore its appearance. 

Do you remove oxidation?

Yes.  Many materials break down over time, and the sometimes chalky appearance is because that material has oxidized.  Xen Gen will apply the appropriate cleaning solution for the right material that will remove oxidation and restore your material’s appearance. 

Will Xen Gen use my water hose when they arrive?

Yes.  All of the services we provide require the need for a water source.  Xen Gen will only use the amount of water needed from your water hose, and we will even provide the hose. 

Does Xen Gen provide service after-hours, during non-business hours and during the weekend?

Yes.  Xen Gen will provide after-hours and urgent services as availability permits.  Please dial (813) 336-1837 to arrange your specific needs.

How do I cancel my service after I have already scheduled it?

If you need to cancel a service, please call (813) 336-1837 during normal business hours.  We ask that you provide a 24-hour notice prior to canceling any services.

What if I’m not happy with the results? 

Xen Gen can return to the property to ensure quality.  Our experience gives us confidence you will be happy with the results.

How do I schedule services for my home?

Please call (813) 336-1837 and schedule your services over the phone.

How do I schedule commercial exterior cleaning services?

Please schedule commercial cleaning services by dialing 813-336-1837. Commercial services are much more specific and require a detailed scope of work to provide you with the best options for your needs. Often times we can arrange to avoid heavy customer traffic. We can usually provide a quote over the phone the same business day. In some instances, we will need to work with you to schedule a site visit for additional details.

Do I have to be home when my services are being completed?

No. Xen Gen will reach out to the number you provided prior to arriving at the scheduled property to discuss your expectations and the exterior cleaning process. If you are home when Xen Gen arrives, the technician will announce their presence and begin your exterior cleaning process. Payment is collected after services are provided and we can do this over the phone as well.

what our clients say

Shane did such an amazing job pressure washing my fence, driveway and sidewalk. He was on time and stayed until the job was complete. He finished quickly and was extremely thorough! Shane was very kind and professional! We will definitely be recommending him to our friends and family. Five stars simply is not enough for the outstanding service we received!! Thank you!!

Gary Theone

Xen Gen pressure cleaned my home, and I am extremely impressed with their level of service and labor quality. They were professional, punctual, kind, and truthful with me. They went above and beyond, cleaning my roof, gutters, garage and sidewalks. Xen Gen will be my go-to business for maintaining the beauty of my home.

Teia Gonzalez

What started off with a driveway and sidewalk cleaning turned into a conversation with the owner about the discoloration from our well water. Xen Gen was on it and said they had a solution for that too. We have used Xen Gen for multiple projects now and they have exceeded our expectations every time. They are always prompt, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. The fact that the company is veteran-owned is an awesome bonus. Highly recommend Xen Gen!

Tiffany McSorley

Our drive way, roof, and sides of the building were covered in grime. Shane made it all look like brand new. Very professional and great quality!

Philipp Etter

Very professional and attentive to detail. Highly recommend

Raven Perez

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